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are there gonna be updates?

are there gonna be updates?

Absolutely! We intend to launch the full version in a couple months. Thank you for playing.


this is a really nice game and its kinda hard too

liking it so far :)


its really hard near the end

i had to use my keybord because i couldnt press my joystick buttons so fast :/

It really does get tricky later on in the game. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Excellent level design!

I'm going to replay it to get all the Dudes!


Woot! Let's get all the Dudes! Thanks for the complimment.

This game was is awesome i ahvnt beaten it yet but difficult but reward i love it.

Thank you

That was really fun, and the level design was honestly as good as something from Nintendo. I can't wait to see the full game! :)

Thank you! Being compared to Nintendo's LD is probably the biggest compliment a game can get! Thank you once again


Looking forward to the full game! :-)

Thank you, It won't take long! I think a couple months should suffice. And it will be quite cheap too!