Necrosphere is a (really hard) bite-sized metroidvania game you control with ONLY TWO BUTTONS!

The Necrosphere is where you go when you die, regardless of being good or bad. You don't see other people around there, and you don't have anything to do except to wait eternally. Soon as the player (Agent Terry Cooper) hits the Necrosphere, he learns about the portals that can take him back to the world of the living (also called Normalsphere), and his quest to escape the afterlife is set.


  • Innovative controls: Only two buttons -- LEFT (A) and RIGHT (D)
  • At least 3 hours of tough, NO FILLER gameplay!
  • Deliciously frustrating!
  • Spandex ballet suit!

Please, check our FAQ

"Awesome. You should call this Supermeatbroidvvvvvvania"
Some friend

Baka, a.k.a Sae's Hubby


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Necrosphere Deluxe (Mac) 83 MB
Necrosphere Deluxe (Win 32) 62 MB
Necrosphere Deluxe (Win 64) 71 MB
Necrosphere Deluxe + OST Bundle (Win 32) 316 MB
if you pay $7.98 USD or more
Necrosphere Deluxe + OST Bundle (Win 32) 306 MB
if you pay $7.98 USD or more
Necrosphere Deluxe + OST Bundle (Mac) 327 MB
if you pay $7.98 USD or more

Download demo

Necrosphere Demo (Win-64) 66 MB
Necrosphere Demo (Win-32) 57 MB
Necrosphere Demo (Mac-64) 70 MB

Development log


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(browser version) just getting black screen after loader ?  can hear music but only black screen.

Fiz conta só pra comentar aqui.

Normalmente eu não gosto desse tipo de jogo em que você morre mil vezes pra passar de uma parte, mas adorei esse. Só usar os direcionais faz tudo ficar mais interessante, sério!

Muito bom ver brasileiros fazendo ótimos jogos.


Muito obrigado pelo comentário Andyest. Ficamos bem contentes que você gostou. Logo vamos publicar mais coisas por aqui... e nas outras lojas. Espero que você curta. 

Se quiser interagir mais conosco, esse é o nosso Discord:

does the deluxe version include the dlc from steam?


Yes. The OST.

this is simply magnificent. goddang it!

i want an official release on dedicated consoles and mobile. everything under the sun.


It is coming... We hope to release September 2018, now.

can september be any more far away?


Or too close 



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Much appreciated here at the office! Managed to sneak its way into the heart of the guy who usually don't appreciate difficult action games as well. :)
Music is phenomenal!

I should also like to applaud the "visuals derived from mechanics"-mentality at work here. How else would end up with a special agent in a ballet suit and jetpack?



This is such a gem! Happy I found it. Totally buying the full version on steam. Congrats, devs :)

You're a gem! Thanks for the compliment. Comming out September 1st!


Hello Necrosphere devs,

I've beaten this sweet little gem in 10m, and would definitely like to showcase it on my YT channel. (Google my name for it to come up)

It's a steadily growing channel in which I showcase challenging feats along with a most recent blind speedruns of games which I find to be polished, such as this one.

If you have any interest in further exposure through it then please feel free to let me know. (Best if you contact me via my channel / email associated with my google account)

Great game you got going there, I hope to see more of it soon enough.


Hey horheristo! That was pretty neat, 10 minutes in the demo, eh! We're sure you'll love/hate Terry's Dream, the bonus level we have prepared for the Deluxe version.


OMG NOOOO ITS A DEMO I NEED MORE GIVE ME MORE! Great game tho absoloutly love it cant wait to finish it...

Hey dennygray! Thanks for the compliment. It is commeing out September 1st. Stay tuned.


Haha great game... Cant wait for the jetpack!

Oh yeah!


This was amazing, so much fun. We can't wait for a full release! Keep up the good work!

Hey guys! Thank you for the video! We had a lot of fun watching you suff-- play, we mean. =D

The controls are just left and right, and later on you'll need to use both buttons at the same time. Hence the triggers, and not the directionals.


It is soooo good. I love the muisic and the leveldesign is great. I had a great time with this demo and the finish game is an insta buy. Thanks for that. 

Thanks Chris! Launch is September 1st! =D


finished it in less than 1.5 hours so....

For the Demo? Well, expect a lot more to come on the full version! ;)

haha cool. its a really good game


can be a little frustrating but, im sure that's the charm of the necrosphere hahaha

Fireballs!!! Muahahaha!

Thanks for the video Raithias!


Np thank you for creating this Cat Nigiri!


Great game. Made with love and precision. It's like game designers are always looking for ways to break the rules and you made something fun and new with the old rules, a 'pure' game I would say. Looking forward to the full game!

Thank you so much knexator! Your appreciation really fill us up with a sense that we are on the right track. Stay tuned for September 1st.


So much fun, very smart level design.

Ill buy whatever it is you are selling.

Thanks BEG. At the moment we have Necrosphere 99.99% finished, and Keen (not so finished):


I dont usually like platform games, but i got lot of fun playing this one. You are in the right way man. Nice i would buy this one soon.

Thanks Demoniacc! Glad you were able to Wololo you! =D


I like you more now! WOLOLO!!!


You got a lot of great mileage out of the simple foundation. Good game design. Muito legal!

Kudos :)

Thanks Boz! Check Caio's blog for Necrosphere if you would like to know more, or just shoot us an email <>!
- Blog:


This game is hella fun =P

Woot! Thanks Komodon.



and hard

Yeap. We believe so, too! Glad you liked it.





So fun to play, beautiful music, super addictive ! had a great time playing it :))))

Thank you, Star Palm Games. We're happy you enjoyed. Have fun trying to find your way out.


The gameplay is so good thoughtout and the controls fell sooo good. Its hard but not punishing because the savepoints are set well. I enjoyed to played the demo. Go on with the good work


Thanks NexusBreaker! We'll release the full version Septembe 1st. Stay tuned! =D





Really well made, I just put it up on the homepage.

Thanjs leafo! We really appreciate it! =D


Please update this masterpiece!

Hi Frank! We're happy you liked it! We'll have an update September 1st –– game launch date! Yay!

Hype is real now!


are there gonna be updates?

Absolutely! We intend to launch the full version in a couple months. Thank you for playing.


this is a really nice game and its kinda hard too

liking it so far :)


its really hard near the end

i had to use my keybord because i couldnt press my joystick buttons so fast :/

It really does get tricky later on in the game. Glad you enjoyed it. :)


Excellent level design!

I'm going to replay it to get all the Dudes!


Woot! Let's get all the Dudes! Thanks for the complimment.


This game was is awesome i ahvnt beaten it yet but difficult but reward i love it.

Thank you


That was really fun, and the level design was honestly as good as something from Nintendo. I can't wait to see the full game! :)

Thank you! Being compared to Nintendo's LD is probably the biggest compliment a game can get! Thank you once again


Looking forward to the full game! :-)

Thank you, It won't take long! I think a couple months should suffice. And it will be quite cheap too!